Latest News and Projects

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    Lovløs artisanal snaps New label range for Lovløs artinsanal snaps - hot of the press today. Born in...
    22 June 2019
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    Heinz Caviar and 150yrs sauce Label-form assist Magnet Harlequin packaging team (Uxbridge) with the Heinz Caviar campaign earlier this year...
    14 June 2019
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    Ann King Design – Illumine Brief was to come up with a label material and printing process that would complement...
    12 December 2018
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    A fond farewell Debbie Mellett (MD), wishing Mike all the very best and happiness in his retirement. Well...
    01 October 2018
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    10 year Long Service Award Many congratulations go to Linda Sandiford, our Customer Service Supervisor who has achieved her 10...
    23 January 2018
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    10 Year Long Service Award Many congratulations go to Greg Dobson, our hugely talented Screen Printer who has achieved his...
    03 August 2016
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